Italian sunny days

Quiet beach in April

April month a lovely time to relax and enjoy the beach. This photo in the town of Peschici Puglia a new place I visited for the first time .


I ordered grilled fish and i got served a simple but the most fresh and tasty fish i ever had. This restaurant was a few meters from our beach chair

Laundry time

Sunny days means you can hang out your linens to dry under the sun.


Fritz our dog do not like to go in the water so we had to carry him around these rock formations

Morning bath

April and  I was eager to dip in the sea notice however that i was all alone. The Italians do not bathe at this temperature around 16 celsius.

Morning view from the hotel  balcony


White and blue skies, peace in Peschici

Anytime she goes away

Have you been to Sirolo ?I like the beach here especially the remote part where you can sit close to the  water and dream away feel the sun and wind whisper and touch your body. After a dip in the sea the salty water on my skin dries up fast when it is 30 c degrees hot. You can imagine the other parts of the world dissappear and see only the endless sea. I like to use my iphone and while lying on the stones observe around me and click a photo. Here are some of them. I also read the Italian novelist Elena Ferrante´s book. Reading about Lenu vacationing in the island of Ischia off the  coast of Napoli. Dream away see you this summer  in Italy ?


Sirolo summers




I  love going to the beach because i love the feeling of  salty water on my skin and the sun warming my body and walking  barefoot on the sand but mainly because in Italy the beach is a place of joy where you can see families enjoying laughing eating together.And i like that and at the same i envy that because i use to do that with my family  when i was small .Look at some of these photos i took last summer. In Sirolo beach the water is crystal clear and all around the rock formations sat these lovely Italians enjoying  and savoring the beach life .In Cupra Maritima  i observed elderly men with skin so brown  like the leather in my old handbag playing bocci while  young children watched  and  women with skimpy bikinis talking and at the same  cheering the men on and making jokes with each other.The vivid colors of this scenario is so bright and the smell is so fragrant with suntan oil,sea breeze and  sweat and perfumed skin all mixed together, ahhh its summer! And  on one occasion Nadia and Fabrizio our friends invited us to join them for lunch in Grottamare.We sat back and let them order and came  plates of shrimps, oysters, grilled fish ,calamari , delicous dishes some with pasta all fresh and incredibly so tasty.Washed down with a cold crisp Verdicchio wine.And what i enjoyed the most was the company and the conversation with my Italian friends and their families always friendly,sometimes funny because of my limited Italian language skills.And when we part  with bigs smiles and always abbraccio,hugs and promises to meet and do it again next time.Arrividerci amici! You will find lovely clean blue flag beaches all around the Le Marche coastline and fabulous restaurants.And make sure  you learn some Italian so you can talk to the locals . Come for a holiday  and experience your own  Italian beach life ,si ?


Ciao! when you walk in a dream but you know you’re not dreaming signore scusa me that’s amore !

My name is Gina and although it sounds Italian I am not, my  parents chose this name for me perhaps because my mother liked the Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida. I dont really know why I  love Italy and all that is Italian. For many years I have been fascinated by the art, culture, fashion, shoes music, architecture, the amazing landscape and all the lovely Italians i have met in my life. My first trip to Italy some 20 years ago is still vivid in my mind and the memories are deep in my heart. I remember  back then i tossed a coin in the fountain in Piazza Navona and hoped that i would come back one day and i did again and again! I have travelled  to this beautiful country many times and it is a love affair that never seem to end. ” When you walk in a dream but you know you’re not dreaming signore , scusa me thats amore !” lyrics from that catchy tune..

So here i am with this blog and my “ItaliaAmore”  travel journal .A journey  if you  read on and dare to come with me ? I will share with you some adventures, maybe a story i heard from our neighbour in Santa Vittoria perhaps  a discussion about the pasta we had in a restaurant, the walk we did  in the Sibillini mountain that  made my legs sore for days . A quick update on what i saw and absolutely adore from the  designer shops or i might  share with you what i learnt from the art museums or the delicious dishes we have enjoyed when we get invited for dinner meals with our Italian friends.

I will also attempt to give some  travel tips in Le Marche  and impressions from our visits to Porto San Giorgo or to other parts of Italy such as the ever so charming Positano. And  for sure i will share with you my ice cream experiences , bathing and beach trips, the countless wine tastings  and drives to vineyards trips that i have to endure because of my husband.We love the Italian dolce vita way of life so we like to share this with you

And I like making new friends and love meeting “The Italians” so i will share some conversations as well as awkward  funny language mistakes i have made. I dreamt of having a place in Italy, its been 4 yrs. I still cant believe how lucky I am when i sit there in our living room under the frescoe in this old historical buiilding Palazzo Lamponi. The weird thing is that whenever i am in Italy I get this feeling that i have  been there ….like meeting a familiar nice old friend. I have lived in 3 different continents .You see i was born in the Phillipines and it will always be a special place. I then lived in Toronto Canada many years before i moved to Norway. I have seen some incredible sights all over. I also worked on a cruise ship and travelled around from Puerto Rico,Caribbean, Mexico ,Alaska and also one of my favorite islands Hawaii but nothing beats Italy. It´s my home away from home .My heart always beats a little bit faster everytime I set foot in Rome airport  and even  when i walk down Corso Matteoti in our little village in Le Marche  to buy bread or to say hello to our local patriot Giampiero .

Hope you get that same fantastic feeling too when you travel  to Italy ? Have a great trip and  enjoy all your travels. Happy exploring! Take  your time, enjoy and savor the beauty take lots of  photos or stop to look at the bouganvilla flowers like i did on this  photo from the town of Torre di Palme ! Arrividerci amici !